Once Smart Terms is installed, you can start creating your terms within a glossary. In Smart Terms, if a term is created within a space, its visibility will depend on the permission to view that space.

There are two ways to create a term: 

From the Terms Glossary

If a term is created from a space glossary, it will be attached to that space.

However, if you click on the "New term" button from the global glossary, the user will be asked to choose a space.

From Confluence pages


When selecting a text, you can create a Term inline using the "Add term" button. The term title box will be automatically filled with the selected text from the current page content. 

Term creation form

  1. Term title: this title will be used to match terms within the page contents.
  2. Term definition: it is limited to 30000 characters.
  3. Select space: target space where the term will be stored, this option is not available when creating a term from space glossary.
  4. Term Default language: the glossary default language, this option is set by the Confluence admin from Smart Terms global configuration
  5. Edit now: when selected, the user will be automatically redirected to the edit page to modify advanced term information (labels, media, related vocabulary...).