Each term in Smart Terms is displayed separately. You can access the term viewer from the term glossary or the highlight pop-up. The Term viewer displays all terms details.  

The Term viewer is useful to display the different term details and the attached media even when the highlight feature is disabled.


1. Title

The term title is the highlighted text within pages' content.

If the term is global or deactivated, an indication icon will display next to the title.

2. Definition

Term definition is limited to 30000 characters.

3. Related vocabulary

Related vocabulary of the term.

4. Labels

Label list for the term.

5. Media

A gallery of all added media for the term displays.

In the term viewer, you can click on the media for a full-screen view. 

6. Term language

Switch to view the term in different predefined languages.

7. Edit

The Edit button opens the term editor page.

8. Actions

Manage Attachments

When deleting a media, the attachment is not automatically removed. Attachments can be managed in different ways.

As shown above, the table has three columns:

  • Title: Attachment name stored in Confluence
  • Used in: List of media where the Attachment is used
  • Delete: This allows to completely remove the attachment if it is not used

When adding attachments to a term, if an existing attachment with the same name is uploaded, it will be replaced.

Delete term

Delete the term and redirect to the Glossary of the current space.

Term options display depending on the user rights. Check the Role matrix for further details. 

9. Related terms

Display all related terms with the relation description.

10. Term information

This provides details about the current term creator and last modification date.