This page contains the Privacy Policy of Smart Tables for Confluence Cloud. This Privacy Policy does not apply to Smart Tables for Confluence Server and Data Center. Smart Tables for Confluence Server and Data Center is hosted on your systems and does not collect any data.

Creativas also has general privacy policy. It also applies to Smart Tables for Confluence Cloud. Please, review both privacy policies prior to using the app.

Cloud Information

We use the Cloud Information that we process to supply Cloud services to you, and to send transactional emails that were requested by your users or site administrator.

For Cloud Information, we may process but we do not retain any Personally-Identifiable Information (PII).

A certain amount of Cloud Information is stored by us:

Cloud Information Stored Within the Atlassian Cloud

The majority of Smart Tables Cloud data is stored entirely within the Atlassian Cloud infrastructure. Data stored in the Atlassian Cloud includes information about:

  • All macro contents and configuration

The data stored within the Atlassian Cloud is automatically GDPR-compliant, meaning that no PII is persisted in specific fields. In particular:

  • References to users are stored exclusively via their Atlassian AccountID (and not the user name or display name).
  • References to content and attachments are stored exclusively via their IDs (and not their names).

Data in the Atlassian Cloud is stored in the same physical region where your Atlassian instance is configured for data storage.

Cloud Information Stored Outside of the Atlassian Cloud

A limited amount of information is stored outside of the Atlassian Cloud, but entirely within managed services on Amazon AWS. We do not store any PII. Data stored here includes:

  • Information required for the functioning of the Atlassian Connect platform, including the URL of your site and the corresponding clientKey.
  • Logs showing when Smart Tables Cloud was installed and uninstalled on a particular client site.

Data stored outside of the Atlassian Cloud is physically stored within Managed PostgreSQL from Heroku, in Dublin, Ireland.