1. Preview: a real-time preview of the highlight on the page
  2. Background color:  the highlight background-color
  3. Text color: highlighted term color
  4. Style: Toggle Underlined, Bold or Italic
  5. Advanced: add a customized CSS to style the highlight

Highlight engine

  1. Auto highlight: Select whether to automatically highlight terms on page load or not
  2. Case sensitive: Case sensitive search
  3. Diacritics sensitive: If diacritic characters should be ignored. For example, "döner" would not match "doner"
  4. Highlight substrings: The term "lor" inside "lorem" will be highlighted
  5. Highlight links: Select whether to highlight terms within links or not
  6. Ignore pages titles: Ignore terms in pages titles
  7. Ignore headings: Ignore terms in content headings
  8. First term only: Highlight only the first term occurrence if many are found on the same page

Highlight options

  1. Disable highlight: Disable highlight feature across all spaces
  2. Enable global glossaries: Make the terms of specific glossaries highlightable across all the spaces
  3. Enable single terms globalization: Restrict the permission to make individual terms highlightable globally. Keep empty to activate this option in all spaces.
  4. Disable glossary terms: Disable the highlight of the terms of specific glossaries
  5. Disable highlight through browser extension [Only for CLOUD]: Only use Terms Highlighter macro or Modal highlighter to highlight content 

Check the Highlight rules matrix for further details regarding the impact of the above options


  • Disable Embed: Security option to disable Embed Code media type
  • Disable label creation [Only for SERVER]: Assign only existing labels to terms and disable new labels creation