1. Title

The course title will be displayed in the Course Catalog, and the player. Defining a clear and complete title is important so that users can find it easily. Note that the title is indexed in Confluence searches.

2. Sections and capsules

Sections can be considered as chapters of a course, where capsules are the components of these sections. 

Through this area, you can create and manipulate the course content. It is also possible to import, duplicate, rename, move or delete sections and capsules.

You can drag and drop sections and capsules to rearrange the content.

3. Capsules content

Users can edit the content of a selected capsule. A real-time preview of the changes allows you to see what the attendee will see in the player.

4. Course options

This part is for modifying the course options. For further details, check Course configuration.

5. Course thumbnail

Setting the course thumbnail. For further details, check Course configuration.

6. Course publishing

  • Preview: Allows previewing the course. It is important to save the course before displaying the preview
  • Publish / Unpublish: Allows controlling the course's visibility in the Course catalog; a course is only visible to attendees if it is published
  • Save: Saves all changes made to the course content and its options

Smart Courses does not provide automatic course saving. The course creator/ contributor needs to save changes before leaving the page.