It is possible to export courses in different formats such as Powerpoint, PDF, etc.? 


The short answer is no.
You can not export courses: published or draft

As a solution, you can export the space in XML format to move the courses from the current Confluence instance to another.

How to export spaces to XML

  1. Go to your source site and select the space.
  2. Select Space Settings from the sidebar.
  3. Select Export space from the Manage space card.This option will only be visible if you have the 'Export space' permission.
  4. Select XML and select Next.

For detailed instructions, please refer to Export Content to Word, PDF, HTML and XML.

How to import a space

  1. Log in to your Confluence Cloud site.
  2. Select  (Settings) in the Confluence navigation
  3. Select Import Spaces under 'Administration' in the left-hand navigation bar.
  4. Specify your file using the Browse button.
    If you're using Jira Cloud, you can also specify the Jira project you'd like to link to this space.
  5. Select Import.

Please note that the course's sessions will not be moved to the new space.