1. Highlight toggle button

This button allows activating and deactivating terms highlight for a page. This button doesn't display if the Disable highlight option is disabled in the current space configuration or in the global configuration.

This button is automatically disabled when the page is rendered if the Auto highlight option is unchecked in the Highlight engine options

Before this button is displayed, a loading icon indicates that terms are being loaded.

2. Highlight pop-up

By clicking on a highlighted term in the page content, a definition pop-up is displayed.

a. Multiple definitions navigation

If Smart Terms detects one or more definitions for the same term, a slider allows switching from one definition to another.

b. Term title

Term title links to the term viewer page.

c. Current term space

The space name of the glossary where the term is stored.

d. Term language

The different available languages of the term.

e. Related vocabulary

The set of the related vocabularies defined for the term. When a related term is highlighted, it will flash once the definition pop-up is displayed

f. Term definition

When a term definition contains other terms, Smart Terms highlights these terms and links them to their definition pages.

g. Full-screen mode

Toggle to switch to the full-screen mode, for better visibility of the term media.

h. Media slider

The term media thumbnails.

i. Multi-definition indication

If a term has more than one definition, i.e, API is a term and an acronym at the same time, it will be highlighted in the term popup with numerical indications (as a link) to the different definitions.