SERVER ONLY: This feature is only available on the Confluence Server / Data center  platforms

Create a SCORM course

Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is a collection of standards and specifications for e-learning. It defines communications between client-side content and a host system (called "the run-time environment"), which is supported by Smart Courses. SCORM also defines how content may be packaged into a transferable ZIP file called "Package Interchange Format."

To create a SCORM course in Smart Courses, select New SCORM course from the catalog. You will be redirected to the course editing page.

Upload a SCORM package

Once the editor has loaded, select upload SCORM package to upload it to the course.

Smart Courses supports version 1.2 of the SCORM standard; version 2004 is not supported yet.

Updating the SCORM package after publishing the course may lead to triggering unstable sessions behavior. Make sure that the structure of the new SCORM package is similar to the current one. Otherwise, it is highly recommended to reset the ongoing sessions through the course metrics before updating the package.

SCORM course options

A SCORM course is considered as a regular course, it is displayed in the catalog, and it is accessible like all other types of courses.

The below course configuration options are not available for a SCORM course:

  • Exam mode
  • Minimum Pass Grade
  • Maximum exam attempts
  • Force sequential navigation
  • Hide questions results
  • Show overall questions results