1. Title

This title will be used to match terms within the page contents.

2. Term information

This provides details about the current term creator and last modification date.

3. Definition

Term definition is limited to 30000 characters.

4. Labels

Set Confluence labels for the term. You can choose a pre-existing label, or you can create a new one. 

Labels are used to filter terms in the glossary or while searching in Confluence.

5. Related vocabulary

Define alternatives and related vocabulary to the term. Smart Terms suggest five types of related vocabulary: 

  • Acronym
  • Synonym
  • Slang
  • Idiom
  • Other

The related vocabulary has an important feature; the term will be highlighted across pages' content if its title or one of its related vocabularies are detected.

For example, if the acronym API is defined for the term with the title Application Programming Interface, both texts will be highlighted on pages and the same definition will pop-up.

Related vocabulary has an informative purpose. It displays within the term viewer, terms glossary, and pages highlight pop-up. No automatic processing is performed to order or prioritize related vocabulary types.

If the acronym API is defined for Application Programming Interface and Air Pollution Index, both definitions will be displayed for API highlight.

6. Media

This option allows adding media and dynamic content for the term.

Note that the maximum allowed size of attachments is defined by Confluence administrator.

Secured Links: Non-HTTPS media links may not display.


There are two ways to add Images to a term:

  • Attachment: Upload an image file
  • Link: Use an image link from the Internet or your Intranet

You can add an image description that will be displayed in the full-screen mode.

Dimensions: Smart Terms uses a responsive image display mechanism. High-resolution images are preferred.

Video & Audio

There are two ways to add videos and audios to a term:

  • Attachment: Upload a media file. The accepted formats are: (mp4, mp3, WebM, m4v, ogv, ogg, wav)
  • Link: Using a link from the Internet or your Intranet, Smart Terms automatically converts links from:
    • YouTube
    • Vimeo
    • DailyMotion
    • Youku

You can add a media description that will be displayed in the full-screen mode.

Embed code

The Embed media is used to add an HTML code to the definition.

You can add a description that will be displayed in the full-screen mode.


There are two ways to add PDF files to a term: 

  • Attachment: Upload a PDF file
  • Link: use a link from the Internet or Intranet

7. Highlight options

Enable highlight

This option is used to enable the highlight of the term. 

When this option is unchecked, the term will no longer be highlighted. However, it will be still displayed in the glossary.

Highlight globally

When this option is enabled, the term will be highlighted across all pages across Confluence.

This option is not available when:

  • The space glossary is global.
  • Enable single terms globalization option is disabled.
  • Enable single terms globalization is enabled but the space of the current term is not in the restriction list.

For further details, check the section Administration > App configuration > Highlight options