The below Matrix shows an overall view of the Smart Courses permissions for different roles and actions. Consider that Course A is stored in Space A.

Prerequisite: The below actions (creating, editing, and viewing courses), are only possible when space view permissions are fulfilled.

Actions / Roles
Confluence AdminSmart Courses AdminSpace A AdminCourse A CreatorCourse A ContributorUser with no Course creation
Anonymous user
Admin / Manage app usage permissions and Smart Courses Admins(tick)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)
Admin / Global App configuration(tick)(tick) (error)(error)(error)(error)(error)
Admin / Space A App configuration(tick)(error)(tick)(error)(error)(error)(error)
Admin / Manage global course creation permissions(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)
Edit / Edit all courses(tick)(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)
Edit / Create new courses(tick)(error)(tick)(tick)(error)(error)(error)
Edit / Edit Space A courses(tick)(tick)(error)(error)(error)(error)
Edit / Edit Course A(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(error)(error)
Edit / Edit Course A contributors, restrictions, and exam mode options. Copy, move and delete Course A(tick)(tick)(tick)(error)(error)(error)
Play / Play a course(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Insights / Access global insights(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(error)
Insights / Access Course A insights(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(error)(error)
Insights / Reset sessions in Course A(tick)(tick)(tick)(error)(error)(error)

[On-premise only] Check permissions management for Cloud

Only when Allow contributor enrollment is enabled