There are two levels of app configuration in Smart Courses:

  • Global configuration, accessible from the global Course catalog.
  • Per space configuration, accessible from a space Course catalog. If no space configuration is set, the global configuration options are used.

Please check the Roles matrix for more details about the permissions needed to access these configurations.


  1. Custom confluence menu title: Customize the main courses catalog menu text, in the Confluence header
  2. Custom catalog title: Customize catalog title
  3. Custom catalog logo: Add a catalog logo with a required dimension of 72x72 pixels


Smart Courses Admin is able to create an announcement to be displayed on the catalog with a customized text and icon.


  1. Default course catalog sort: change the default sorting criterion in catalogs
  2. Thumbnail container size: set a custom size for the thumbnail container, minimum width is 300px and minimum height is 250px
  3. Thumbnail scaling: Applied whenever the size of the image is different than the thumbnail container size
    1. Fill the entire card: Resize the image to cover the entire container, even if it has to stretch the image or cut a bit of one of the edges
    2. Fit in the card: Resize the image to make sure that the image is fully visible
  4. Show Date: whether to display or not the course date (Modification or Publication date)
  5. Show author information: whether to display or not the author info
  6. Show ratings: display or not the rating
  7. Show number of attendees: display the total attendee count
  8. Custom Exam start message: define a custom Exam start message, default message is "You are about to enroll in an exam. You only have one attempt per question. You can roll-out the course at your own pace. Are you ready to start ?"
  9. Custom Exam resume message: define a custom Exam resume message, default message is "You are going to resume the exam. Make sure you go through all the questions before you finish. Good luck !"

Capsules [Only in GLOBAL configuration]

In this section, you can disable capsule types. disabled capsules will not be available in the editor.

If a capsule type is disabled, previously created capsules of the same type will not be disabled and will continue to display in the courses

Categories [Only in GLOBAL configuration]

In this section, Smart Courses Admin can manage courses categories. These categories are available in the editor and used to filter courses in the catalog.

If a category is removed, it will be disabled in courses using it.

Permissions [Only for SERVER] [Only in GLOBAL configuration]

This section allows a Smart Course Admin to define permissions for courses creation. 

After a new installation, Smart Courses will set the defined permissions in Administration > USERS & SECURITY > Global permissions > Can use, to Create Courses permissions.