In Smart Courses, each course is presented by a card containing details to help users quickly access courses that interest them.

Course information

  1. Course Thumbnail
  2. Quick information
    1. Exam tag: if the course is an exam
    2. Difficulty: Level of difficulty of the course (if set)
    3. New content: indicates whether a course has been updated. This information is only displayed for an attended course
    4. Draft: displayed if the course is not published. This information is only displayed to course creators or contributors
  3. Favorite course: Highlighted if the course is bookmarked as favorite
  4. Course information
    1. Course title
    2. About this course: displays the About this course content added by a contributor in the course options
    3. Course creator name
    4. Last modification date: updated every time a creator or a contributor saves the course
    5. Duration estimation: based on the Estimated duration option of a course
  5. Average ratings: the average attendees' ratings
  6. Number of attendees: number of users who have attended the course at least once
  7. Progress bar: this bar displays the attendee's session progress. For example, if the attendee has already viewed half of the course capsules, this bar will be half-filled.

B. Card actions

Depending on the role of the logged-in user or their session status, specific action buttons are displayed:

Course edit and metrics

User / Action

Course metrics


Confluence Admin(tick)(tick)
Space Admin(tick)(tick)
Smart Courses Admin(tick)(tick)
Course creator or contributor(tick)(tick)
An attendee--

Playing course actions

User / Action





Course creator or contributor(tick)---
A user who has not started the course yet-(tick)--
A user who has a session--(tick)-
A user who finished the course---(tick)