In Smart Courses, when a user starts a course, a session is automatically created. The details of the sessions are reported in the Metrics module.

A session can have two statuses:

  • Started
  • Finished

Depending on the type of the course, the session rules are different:

Regular course

In a regular course, the attendee is not required to take any action to finish the course. The finished status depends on the percentage of visited capsules. If the user attends 100% of the capsules, the course is considered as finished.

In a regular course, an attendee can update the already answered questions when revisiting the course. The new answers are updated in the metrics module. There are no limited attempts in the regular course mode.

Exam mode

In an Exam mode course, manual action is required to validate the exam and mark the session as finished. The attendee must click on the finish exam button to mark the exam session as finished.

In an Exam mode course, the attendee has only one attempt per question. However, the attendee may retake the exam if :

  • There are remaining course attempts left (check Maximum exam attempts option)
  • A course administrator resets the session from the course metrics module

When revisiting an exam, Smart Courses will invite the attendee to retake the exam if there are remaining attempts. The attendee can also retake the exam through the New attempt button on the final screen.


Smart Courses does not capture question results in metrics for SCORM courses. The app captures SCORM data model values of cmi.core.lesson_status and cmi.core.score.raw, to detect the session status and the attendee score.

Anonymous access

If the course space settings allow anonymous access, then anonymous users will be able to view all courses created in public spaces. However, they are not able to attend exams.

For anonymous users, sessions are not created. Their activity will not appear in metrics and reports.


a. Course title

b. Custom message: If the custom final screen message option is enabled, this message is displayed here. If not, the course title is displayed

c. Exam results showed only when the course is on an exam mode.

  • Displays Pass if the percentage of correct answers is equal to or greater than the Minimum pass score, or if the Minimum pass score is not defined.
  • Displays Fail if the Minimum pass score is set, and the percentage of correct answers is lower than the Minimum pass score.

d. Manage the course:  allows to go back to the course editor and to check metrics; only displays when the user is a course contributor 

e. Rating: 

  • The user is invited to rate a course
  • If the user has already rated it, the rating can be updated 

f. Collaborate: 

  • Give a feedback to the course contributors
  • Share it with a user or group of users