1. Sections & Capsules

This section allows direct access to the course sections and capsules.

If a capsule has already been viewed, its color is grayed out. The displayed capsule is highlighted with a blue color.

If the Force sequential navigation option is activated, direct access is only authorized for previously visited capsules.

2. Capsule content

a. The content of a selected capsule is shown in this part. The different types of Learning capsules defined in the editor are rendered in the player:

b. If a description is added to the capsule editor, it is displayed here.

3. Course information

a. Course creator's name

b. Course title

c. Displayed if the exam mode is enabled

d. Toggle Sections & Capsules sidebar

4. Navigation

a. Current displayed capsule title

b. Previous capsule, disabled if the first capsule is displayed

c. Next capsule, disabled if the last course capsule is displayed

d. Finish the exam (Exam mode) / Show results (Regular course or SCORM)

  • Finish the exam: when a course is in exam mode, this button allows you to mark the exam as finished and validate the session. If the attendee decides to finish the exam, the remaining not-answered questions will be considered as wrong. Upon the finish action, the Final screen is displayed.
  • Show results: displays the Final screen

e. Send a feedback to the course contributors (Feedback, Question or Report an error). The contributors will receive an email and a Confluence notification.

f. Minimum reading time / Question Time limit

  • Minimum reading timedisplays a countdown while reading the capsule to freeze navigation.
  • Question time limitDisplays a countdown. If the time limit expires while the attendee has not responded yet, the submit button is automatically triggered, and the selected responses are sent.

g. Dashboard: display the dashboard to give overall feedback to course contributors, share, rate the course...